Apple's 12 Days of Christmas is back? App Store offering free apps and games

Apple is offering free and discounted apps and games on its App Store to users as part of its Christmas promotion, which will run from December 24 through December 29

Apple is offering iPhone and iPad users a week of daily freebies on its App Store as part of its holiday promotion.The "Today" section on the app marketplace has a story titled "A New Surprise Awaits" announcing a new promotion that will run from Christmas eve i.e. December 24 until December 29.

As part of the promotion, Apple is offering App store goodies to users daily as they're told to check-in for "unwrapped presents" in the App Store's "Today," "Games" and "Apps" section every day until Sunday. "From December 24 to 29, you'll find a new surprise every day on the App Store," the story reads. "Come back daily to discover which treat we have waiting for you!"

What can you expect?

App Store
The Christmas promotion on the App Store. App Store

Although Apple fails to mention what kind of "surprises" users can expect by participating in the promotion, considering it's the App Store, it's safe to assume that it'll be free or discounted games and apps. As the offer will be renewed on a daily basis, users will have only a 24-hour window to claim their surprise.

In New Zealand, where the promotion has already gone live, the App Store is offering a special in-app purchase bundle for the RPG game, "Looney Tunes World of Mayhem" as well as a three-month subscription of the graphic designing app "Canva," as MacRumors points out. There's no telling if the rest of the world will receive the same deal as our Kiwi friends so we'll just have to wait and watch

'12 Days of Christmas' is back?

It appears as though Apple is trying to recreate an event it has held on its online stores in the past: "12 Days of Christmas" or "12 Days of Gifts" promotion.

Making its debut in 2008, the promotion ran for a duration of six years before Apple cancelled it in 2014. The American multinational technology company would give away songs, apps, e-books movies and other digital goodies every day for 12 days as part of the holiday tradition and was an event thousands of users looked forward to every year. Apple's new version seems like a revival of its older tradition, although for a shorter duration.

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