Barely a month before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, Apple must now be gearing up with the surprises on its sleeve. According to a report, Apple is planning to ditch the outdated components of MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air in favor of new and faster ones.

Apple has reportedly been preparing to introduce new upgrades for the upcoming MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models, a long overdue development said to become a game-changer in the laptop race. A Bloomberg report reveals that the Cupertino firm is taking a serious leap to stop Microsoft undermine its position in the race, add to that the waning sales its iPads are suffering.

Three new laptops

Three new laptops are planned to be announced during the meeting in early June. A 12-inch MacBook powered by a faster Intel chip is being worked out. The MacBook Pro will get a key upgrade with a faster Kaby Lake processor which is from Intel as well. A 13-inch MacBook Air also will get a faster Intel chip.

In 2015, the MacBook Air last received its latest chip upgrade which makes this particular announcement a major one for the company.

While the future MacBook Pro's processor is imported from Intel, Apple has been reported to manufacture its own chip for this particular device capable of supporting a low-power mode. Forbes recently revealed that Apple's plans might indeed be moving to Core i7 for its notebook line referencing to Intel's brand new chipset.

Huge threat to Apple

Although iPhones are the biggest generator to Apple's annual sales, the company has been said to strengthen its Mac line-up to offset the rivalry with Microsoft. The Windows maker has just released the Surface laptop, which is believed to be a huge threat to Apple's outmoded models.

Microsoft's latest hardware offering has a massive record of boot-up time in seconds, not to mention it has been widely lauded for its solid touch screen capability and a more stable Windows.