Apple promises to fix new MacBook Pro's speaker problems; what about its display issues?

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro models are drawing complaints from users over weird sounds coming from the speakers as well as issues with its display

Apple launched a brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro last month with a larger display, thinner bezels and a redesigned keyboard layout to replace the company's 15-inch Pro models. Now, less than a month after its launch users have started to encounter some bugs with Apple's latest laptop offering.

Users complain of weird sounds coming from speakers

16-inch MacBook Pro
The 16-inch MacBook Pro. Apple

As AppleInsider pointed out, some users of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro have reported hearing popping or clicking sounds emanating from the laptop's speakers.

Here's what happens: If a user is playing an audio or video file on the device and when they stop playback, skip to another part, or even close the window, they hear this sound that resembles the clipping sound when the volume is too high, or when speakers are abruptly switched off and on. Currently 195 people have reported the issue on an Apple Support discussion forum. The issue has also been captured on video by a user on YouTube:

ZenTek TV / YouTube

Apple acknowledges the issue, promises fix in future update

Apple is aware of the issue and is currently working to make a fix available via a future software update, the company said in an internal memo obtained by MacRumors.

The publication got its hands on an internal document that was sent to Apple's official service providers, notifying them that the "pop" and "click" sound coming from the speakers is not a hardware-related problem and is telling them to refrain from replacing users' laptops over this particular issue. Moreover, the company adds that it will roll out a fix through a future software update.

The memo reads

"If a customer hears a popping sound when playback is stopped on their MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) - When using Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, QuickTime Player, Music, Movies, or other applications to play audio, users may hear a pop come from the speakers after playback has ended. Apple is investigating the issue. A fix is planned in future software updates. Do not set up service, or replace the user's computer, as this is a software-related issue."

Display Ghosting issues

Although a future update should take care of the speaker-related issues, Apple still hasn't admitted or provided a solution to the 16-inch MacBook Pro's display problems. Users have complained that the device's display produces a ghosting effect when scrolling down a page, leaving traces behind.

StONE _ROdGEr / YouTube

Several users have taken to the MacRumors forum to report the issue in an attempt to find a solution since there's no official word from Apple yet whether this is a bug or not.