App Store sale brings stunning iOS apps at no cost

IBTimes Singapore presents to you a list of five amazing paid iOS apps that you can download for free.

The App Store sale goes rock-bottom for some incredible premium apps. Surprisingly, Apple has a US$20 video game in store for you at no cost. IBTimes Singapore brings you a list of five stunning iOS apps that you can download for free until when they're not.

Fly Benjamins HD (US$19.99)

Experience an exhilarating aerial combat on your iPhone or iPad devices in high definition quality and 3D graphics and effects. The game features five new upgradeable aircrafts, 20 action-packed missions and a revamped Modern Aerial Combat arcade. And, it finally supports iPad Mini.

Get Fly Benjamins HD for iOS from the App Store.

PRO Screen (US$3.99)

Apple device owners don't have many customisations options in terms of the user interface and everything that's displayed onscreen. With PRO Screen, this helps you transform your iPhone or iPad more visually appealing by customising slide bars, status bars, clock overlays and more.

Get PRO Screen for iOS from the App Store.

Simple Pro (US$3.99)

All contacts app are designed to keep your address book more organised in any way you want. Simple Pro does more than that; it enables you to send group and text email in an instant, merge duplicate contacts and keep them safe. Take note, it also offers unlimited backups for your contacts.

Get Simple Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Lock Photo (US$1.99)

If you're carrying around sensitive images and data in your phone, Lock Photo gives you the power to protect every single one of them from snooping friends and family or malicious individuals. It has a decoy mode to entice safebreakers to fake login details. More importantly, the break-in detection is there to capture video and location of unauthorised people.

Get Lock Photo for iOS from the App Store.

Fonta (US$0.99)

Sure, there are tonnes of photo or text editing apps out there. Fonta's distinct attribute is the combination of those two abilities. Edit photos and add texts, frames, collage, layers, filters, shapes, effects and much more to transform your photos into a stunning piece of art.

Get Fonta for iOS from the App Store.

This free offer is limited only so download them now before you're a day late and a dollar short.