Get these paid apps from App Store for free!

Here's the list of best premium apps that have gone free today.

Why buy a cow if you can get milk for free? That's exactly what iOS device owners should be thinking before checking the cart out on the App Store. Apple and iOS app developers always have freebies in store no matter what. So if you can wait for them to go down the sale rack, that's great!

Here's a list of best premium apps of the day that have gone free. From the costlier US$28.99 Portfolio Armor to a travel safety app, here are the best free iOS apps you can get now:

Portfolio Armor (US$28.99)

Portfolio Armor helps you hedge your stocks and ETFs by showing you the optimal put options to give you the precise level of protection you want at the lowest cost. You enter your US-traded stock or ETF position, and the maximum downside risk you are willing to accept for it (your "threshold").

Portfolio Armor then uses its proprietary algorithm to instantly scan and analyze all of the available put option contracts for the stock or ETF, searching for the optimal put option contracts to most economically hedge the position.

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Neon Colored Keyboard (US$0.99)

Turn your phone's keyboard into a brightly coloured version. Make it pop with neon colour options like green, blue, red and more.

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SafeRide/WalkSafe (US$0.99)

Imagine yourself being robbed on your way home or getting yourself in trouble with taxi drivers. Not fun, and it could be the worst nightmare ever. With the SafeRide app, you have the power to feel secure and have peace of mind by turning your smartphone into an alert system device. Once set up, it automatically contacts your parents, sibling or friends that you are in a sticky situation.

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Listaway (US$2.99)

Listaway has a pretty simple approach to managing your tasks and to-do list. You can add subtasks and put reminders on all your assignments to keep you in the loop.

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Afterlight (US$0.99)

Afterlight boasts 15 adjustment tools, 79 filters, 78 textures, 128 frames and so much more. This photo editing app is straightforward to use with all the functions you need to perfect your images.

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