Another alien evidence? Ball of light shoots across sky over Phoenix [VIDEO]

A dash of light which was a meteor was spotted in Phoenix. According to the Arizona Republic, the incident occurred around 8:30 pm on November 15.

Fireball across Phoenix

People in Arizona went all bonkers, fearing an alien invasion, after they witnessed a flash of light, travelling across the sky over Phoenix. The incident inspired extraterrestrial conspiracy theories and UFO jokes on social media, as people failed to keep calm.

Sadly enough, the dash of light was a meteor that was spotted in Phoenix. According to the Arizona Republic report, the incident occurred around 8:30 pm on November 15. Stories surrounding alien invasion and UFO sightings seem to be doing the rounds these days.

More than 70 people, reportedly claimed to have witnessed UFO sightings and have shared their experiences with the National UFO Reporting Center this month. The flash might be caused by a bolide or a fireball that usually explodes reports the Republic.

The American Meteorological Society explained in a blog post that the flash of light might not be a part of the Taurid meteor shower that is still ongoing, primarily because of its direction. Around 120 people reported the incident to the authorities.

Arizona recently celebrated 20 years anniversary of the Phoenix lights which is a March 1997 incident where a strange V-shaped collection of lights were spotted. The local air force base later stated that the lights were simply flares but people still believe the orbs to be spacecraft or aliens.

"I have never witnessed this type of incident of a fireball in the sky before in my area and it was truly moving to see it and large!" Mary D. wrote to Newsweek from Keams Canyon. "It was very bright, beautiful and fleeting," said Jessica L. from Phoenix. "It was so bright it scared me! I didn't hear any noise which was more frightening, but then it could have been that I didn't hear it in my car," Zrcalo S. chimed in from Mesa.

Ex-Governor Fife Symington told the Associated Press in 2007 that the lights were "otherworldly".

A second such incident after the 1997 sighting of the V-shaped collection of the orbs in Phoenix has created a huge enthusiasm among the masses. The lights might refuge the otherworldly, who knows?