Erstwhile Soviet Union's UFO-shaped monument hints at alien ambitions?

The Soviet Union monument in Bulgaria literally resembles a UFO, and it indicates that Russia might have nurtured ambitions to communicate with aliens in the past

ufo-shaped building
UFO-shaped building Mark Ahsmann/Creative Commons

The Buzludzha monument in Kazanluk, Bulgaria built by the communist regime of USSR in 1981 stands out for many reasons. Even though this monument is just 36-years-old, it now looks like an ancient building which proclaims the glory of a powerful regime. The shape of the monument is now capturing the attention of UFO lovers, as this former House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party is literally resembling a flying saucer which we have seen in science fiction movies.

After the fall of the USSR, the monument was closed, and it was managed by the Bulgarian Government. Soon, the Government closed off the building to the public stating that it is dangerous for them to visit it. But some adventurous travelers have managed to take a sneak inside, and their revelations will make everyone amused.

In the centerpiece of the hall, there is a communist sickle and hammer which proclaimed then ruling party's message, 'Freedom, Communism, and Socialism'. There is also a quote from Communist Manifesto encircling the hammer and sickle.

As a retro-futuristic time capsule buried in Siberia 50 year ago by the Soviet Government was unearthed a week back, indicating the communist regime's secret alien ambitions, the UFO-shaped building has come under scanner once again. According to the time capsule, the Soviet Union communist leaders believed that humans would have started co-operating with aliens by 2017.

The time-capsule also revealed that humans might have landed on Mars by this year, but unfortunately, the dreams of the USSR communist leaders did not materialize. In fact, the entire human community is still eagerly waiting for that crucial first contact from the outer space.

This article was first published on November 15, 2017