Another proof of alien life? Mysterious UFO spotted on German skies

A mysterious UFO spotted on German skies has baffled alien buffs, while Police is clueless


A mysterious UFO has been spotted flying across the town of Hochen, West Germany, and it has baffled alien buffs all around the world. Local Police have revealed that they cannot explain the origin of the flying object, and they believe that it could be a celestial body.

As the video of the incident has now gone viral on social media sites, conspiracy theorists are claiming that this is a solid evidence of the presence of alien life.

According to reports, the UFO sightings were also visible in Italy and Switzerland too.

A perfect evidence of alien life?

Initially, the UFO was seen as a small white fireball, and later it grew larger, finally emerging as a blue glow. After some minutes, the strength of the light faded and started emerging as a white ball.

Soon after the incident, the local police received numerous calls from residents, and some of them were reportedly panicked due to fear of a possible alien invasion. As the local police too failed to give a convincing answer to the origin of UFO, people suspected that the end is near, but the night passed off uneventfully.

Christian Hoppe, the spokesperson of German Air Traffic Control said that the object is not certainly an aircraft.

On the other hand, a section of space buffs believes that this sighting is nothing but a part of Leonid meteor shower. If the UFO is a meteor, then it could have fallen somewhere, but police have received no clue of any damage. Sometimes, the meteor could have burned out entirely in the sky, leaving no traces to prove the fall.

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