Angry Donald Trump Caught Smashing Golf Club; Internet Trolls Him Over 'Tantrum'

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Why is Israel Holding the 4th Election in 2 Years?

A visibly frustrated Donald Trump was caught smashing his golf club in a fit of rage at the Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Florida. The action of the former US President invited a lot of reactions on the social media after the images went viral.

Trump is known for his love for golf, which he followed regularly during his four-year-presidential term too.

donald trump
donald trump
Former President Donald Trump seen smashing his golf club on Sunday.

What Prompted Trump's Rage on the Golf Club?

In the incident which took place on Sunday, Trump was part of a group which also had pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

Donning a white collared shirt and his trademark MAGA hat Trump, along with his golfing buddies, Trump was spotted at the golf course. In the video shared by Daily Mail, the former president is seen moving the ball slowly towards the hole with the help of his putter. However, at one point he was seen repeatedly slamming his club on the greens in a fit of rage.

Even though it wasn't clear as to what sparked his anger, the Daily Mail claimed that the reaction might have stemmed up "by the fact that he was being watched by DeChambeau, who boasts eight major wins on the PGA Tour."

Social Media Reacts to Trump's Tantrum

Despite being still banned from major social media platforms, Trump remains an all time favorite topic for the netizens. The smashing incident too started a chain of reactions from the social media users.

"Baby Trump has tantrum and smashes his tiny grip golf club into the ground after disappointing swing. Anger eats a bucket of Extra Crispy KFC," commented a Twitter user.

"Trump knows that prison is around the corner... #SDNY Temper tantrum! LOL!!! OBESITY Donald Trump smashes his golf club into the ground after disappointing swing," wrote another.

"Trump has a tantrum on the golf course — slams clubs into the green - As always, this fatso can't win without CHEATING!!!" commented another user.

"The whole point of my response was about Trump and the golf club had a typo . Fine we all do.. but in reality my disagreement with you is that it wasn't a trump thing it was a every golfer in the world thing..we all slam clubs...cuss the gods..and sometimes sling," wrote a user defending Trump's anger.