Android O could be launched next week

Google is now gearing for the possible release of Android O.

android o release date
Google gears up for Android O release. Google Blog

Google is now wrapping up the Android O as the final developer preview had been released already since last month. If Google sticks to its traditional time frame, then Android O could well be on its way to a number of eligible devices starting next week.

Android O, hyped as the Android Octopus, has been finalised since 25 July and is still going through a grueling series testing. From the looks of the final developer preview, Google is bent to deliver a major buff for the Android operating system with chunky upgrades that Android phone owners will be much agitated to try.

The latest beta version has shown a good sign that Android O is already in a stable condition and is, in fact, due for official release anytime soon. Most recent reports suggest that Google developers are now gearing up for the possible launch next week.

Should these reports hold water, Android O is expected to be rolled out to Google Pixel or Nexus phones first before anything else. Since 2008 when Android was first launched, it became a tradition for major software updates to be initially released on Google-manufactured phones, especially the Nexus line. For non-Google devices though, Android O is expected to be released in September with Nokia phones on the front line.

Android O final developer preview shows off a robust upgrade in the user interface, emojis, settings menu, shortcuts and widgets, battery and a lot more. Android O is bidding blob emojis goodbye as it welcomes a redesigned set of emojis, which are more cartoonish and more expressive.

This article was first published on August 11, 2017