Android O is named Octopus and not Oreo or Orange Sorbet?

The new Easter Egg picture, in the Android O developer preview, of an octopus, is making us really confused.

Google has just updated a rather weird picture in the Easter Egg section of the latest Android O developer preview in place of the picture of the Easter Egg that traditionally had been there to keep the Android O's real name a secret. Google has put an octopus cartoon there.


For months the entire tech community has been waiting eagerly to know what exactly Google has named the next Android, which has been called Android O by the company. Since Google always nicknames Android after the names of desserts people guessed several options for the suspicious Android O – Oatmeal Cookie? Orange Sorbet? Oreo? Or some other dessert name that starts with O.

And this picture of this black octopus on the blue background is screaming only on question – Does Google think octopus is a dessert?

This is clearly not a glitch and an intentional move, considering the fact that the earlier Android O previews would only show the "O" logo on a space background.


I mean, I understand octopus can be used to cook rather tasty dishes but dessert? As The Verge reported the closest thing to a dessert related to an octopus could be a Trolli octopus gummy. However, Google's Easter Egg doesn't seem to feature the multicolored hues that the candy treat is known for.

Trolli octopus gummy YouTube

Is it possible that they are actually really confused? Or is it that Google is finally moving from its tradition of having Android nicknames after desserts. Perhaps, this entire thing is a huge prank that Google played on us to make the whole Internet go bananas?