Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis: Brothers Caught with Explosive "Hitlist" and Cache of Weapons Were Plotting to Kill Judges and Politicians

Another disturbing note found during the search contained references to "human sacrifices"

New York law enforcement agencies nabbed two brothers Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis, aged 39 and 51, respectively for making hitlist of some of the influential people like law enforcement officials, judges, politicians, celebrities, and what they referred to as "banker scum." The indictment comes after authorities found a cache of weapons and explosive devices in the brothers' family home in Astoria, Queens.

NY Brother

According to statements from law enforcement officials, the brothers were found to be in possession of an arsenal that included explosive devices, firearms, and what are known as "ghost guns" - firearms without registered serial numbers.

The chilling discovery was made during a search of the apartment shared by the brothers, who live there with their mother and another sibling.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz commented on the case, saying, "The city is safer today. We cannot measure the number of lives that were saved, but we do know that these weapons will never hurt anyone."

The alleged hitlist, scribbled on a scrap of notebook paper, included a range of potential targets, from public servants to individuals labeled as "corporate scum" and "bankerscum." Another disturbing note found during the search contained references to "human sacrifices" targeting corrupt individuals.

In addition to the weapons and explosive devices, authorities seized items such as a 3D printer, firearm parts, and high-capacity magazines, including some made with the printer. Notebooks containing instructions on making explosive devices and anarchist-related propaganda were also reportedly discovered.

Lawyers representing the brothers have not yet issued statements regarding the charges. The Hatziagelis brothers are scheduled to appear in court on February 15 to face the allegations brought against them.

The discovery of the alleged plot and subsequent indictment serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to prevent potential acts of violence and ensure the safety of the public and public figures alike.