Andrade's Still Engaged to Charlotte Flair; Marriage Delayed

Andrade has spoken about his delayed marriage with WWE Raw superstar Charlotte Flair. The couple was scheduled to tie the knot last year, but the marriage got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrade and Charlotte Flair.
Andrade and Charlotte Flair. Instagram

In a recent interview, Andrade has revealed that they had plans to marry in October at Gomez Palacio in Mexico. They are still engaged, but not sure when they would tie the knot.

How Did Andrade Propose to Her?
The couple got engaged in 2020. Andrade had proposed to her during a romantic dinner date in Cancun, Mexico. Charlotte Flair had spoken about the memorable moment on The Bella's Podcast.

The daughter of WWE legend Ric Flair had said, "We went on the nose (of the yacht). There were fireworks on the countdown. When we were listening to the music from the other big boats, I turned around and he was down on one knee. He knows how much I love boats and the water."

The 34-year old had also revealed that they had faced language issues in their early stage of the relationship as he knows only one language. They used Google translation for better communication in the initial days. "I can understand his language but I can't speak it. All the movies we watch have subtitles," Charlotte Flair added.

His Earnings
Coming back to Andrade, the 31-year old has spoken about his earnings from the sports entertainment. The wrestler claims that he used to get better pay than many others. "I've been with WWE. I had a great contract with WWE, a great contract. Three million per year. Several million dollars per year, a lot more than plenty of guys coming up from NXT. I heard about some of those contracts. I made a lot more than those guys," he is quoted as saying by Fightful website.

After associating with WWE for five years, the company granted Andrade his release earlier this year.

Meanwhile, his fiancee is out of action recently after testing Covid-19 positive. People are curiously looking forward to her comeback at WrestleMania 37.