Amos Yee questions Singapore heritage

Amos Yee faces eight new charges

Controversial Singaporean blogger Amos Yee who is now living in the United States has once again lashed out against his country and its national heritage. In his recent Facebook post, Amos Yee stated that he is very proud to "bash the government", and added that he does not care about the national heritage.

In the process, he revealed his nature rather than placing the facts and figures squarely against the government. Instead. he wrote: "I use vulgar language, I don't go to school, I don't listen to my parents, I spend all day on the internet and don't find a 'real job', I ask for donations ('beg for money'), I speak in American accent, I don't care about my national heritage, I am literally every single thing a typical ... Singaporean would despise..."

In another post, the blogger said that his way of life is literally offending people.

Last week, Amos Yee has requested people to donate money, so that he can move to Los Angeles with his girlfriend. But his request was not well received by the general public and many people asked him to find a job to earn a living. Amos Yee also addressed the people who criticized him for begging money.

In his Facebook post, Amos Yee wrote that asking people to donate money to support work is not begging. He also cited the examples of various crowdfunding platforms like Gofundme, Kickstarter and Patreon which help people to collect money for their needs with the help of donations.

"You look at people all over the internet, there are popular platforms (Kickstarter, Patreon, Gofundme) solely made to facilitate donations between followers and a creator (people who do political videos, film analysis, drawings etc.). Especially now when YouTube is pulling ads from videos with provocative opinions, thousands of Youtubers rely solely on people's donations to make a living," wrote Amos Yee.

The blogger also posted that only people in Singapore consider asking donations as begging. Amos Yee called Singapore genuinely clinically retarded when compared to the rest of the world.

As Amos Yee continued lashing out against Singapore on his Facebook post, people have started trolling the blogger equally using harsh comparisons. A user even said that it is better to feed dogs than giving money to him.

This article was first published on January 1, 2018