Amos Yee becomes homeless, pleads everyone to provide shelter on YouTube

Amos Yee was chucked out of his rented place in Chicago Illinois after he made controversial comments which supported pedophiles.

Amos Yee faces eight new charges

Amos Yee, the controversial Singaporean blogger is reportedly facing some tough times in the US, as he is currently homeless and is looking for a shelter to live. The blogger himself revealed this news through a YouTube video posted on his channel a couple of days back. According to the 18-year-old blogger, he was chucked out of his rented place in Chicago Illinois, after he made controversial comments which supported pedophiles.

"Any American willing to offer a place for me to stay do contact me at," said Amos Yee in the YouTube video. The blogger also added that he is willing to pay up to $400 a month for his stay.

Meet the demands and rent a home

Amos Yee also put forward certain conditions which should be met if any person is ready to rent him a house.

"You don't kick me out of the place whenever I voice a political opinion you disagree with. I am a non-violent, pro-free speech, anti-religious, politically far-left Anarchist/libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist," posted Amos.

"I can't hear you at all, I can speak at talking volume 24/7, and I can occasionally do shouting noises during the day for some scenes in my videos," the demands continue.

The blogger also added that food stores should be near the rented house, so that he can go and out and grab something by walk, as he does not have a driving license.

Amos Yee in a plight to find a home

Amos Yee made controversial remarks about pedophiles through a YouTube video three weeks back. On the video, Amos Yee made it clear that sexual relationship with minor kids is fine if there is a mutual consent. The video soon received negative criticisms from all corners, and some people even threatened to kill the blogger for these sensitive remarks. YouTube, within no time, deleted the video within no time citing violations of its terms and conditions.

According to Amos Yee, the host of the house which he stayed previously was perfectly fine with his opinions. Yee made it clear that even after making comments on pedophiles, the host was ready to give room for him. But the real problem was with child protection services, and the hosts feared that things will turn ugly if the protection services interfere in the issue. The host did not want to lose his foster kids who live in the house, and he decided to chuck out Amos Yee from the shelter.

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