Denied PayPal account, Amos Yee seeks direct donations

Blogger Amos Yee arrested again
Amos Yee Reuters

Amos Yee, the controversial Singaporean blogger who is now living in the United States, has requested everyone to contribute money to him so that he can move to Los Angeles with his girlfriend.

The revelation about his new relationship was not well received in the past by social media, and people started trolling him. In his new Facebook post, however, Lee shared his financial troubles with netizens.

"I feel really sad. My girlfriend lives in Los Angeles, I want to move there to be with her but I can't... No money. I now only make slightly above minimum wage (~2000 US dollars(3000 Singapore dollars)/month) from my YouTube videos. If I really tried I think I could afford something for $1000/month. The rent for a place in LA though is over $2000/month," posted Amos Yee on his Facebook page.

In another post, Amos Yee requested everyone to donate money, so that he can continue making videos on YouTube. In the post, the blogger posted that even a small contribution of one dollar will make a huge difference.

Amos Yee also revealed that his Paypal account was banned and he cannot receive payments. The blogger stated that the world's leading online payment system is "notorious for censoring people with controversial political opinions."

"If you'd like to donate money to me via a one-off payment directly, I have a Singapore bank account where you can do so. Unfortunately, my PayPal account has been suspended permanently because PayPal is notorious for censoring people with controversial political opinions," posted Amos Yee.

However, Amos Yee's request for donation has backfired, as many social media users are asking him to find a job and make money himself rather than begging for money from others.