American Pop Rock Band Maroon 5 Faces Backlash Following New Poster Release for World Tour

American pop-rock band Maroon 5 faced backlash from Korean netizens shortly after releasing a new poster of their ongoing world tour. The group unveiled this controversial promotional still on their official website and other social media pages. It immediately captured the attention of some eagle-eyed fans in South Korea.

The six-member boy band uploaded the new poster shortly after announcing the expansion of their concert series to some Asian countries. The image featured several illustrations, including the rising sun flag. According to Korean netizens, the new poster design is disrespectful because it is associated with Japan's wartime atrocities.

The Asian countries that were affected by the imperialism and militarism of Japan have long been associating the rising sun flag design with the Nazi swastika. When Japan colonized South Korea in the early 20th century, the Japanese imperial navy used the rising sun flag. South Korea and other Asian countries have been pushing for a ban on the rising sun flag, but Japan continues to use it.

The members of Maroon5 during a live onstage performance. M5

Koreans to Boycott Maroon 5 concert in Seoul

Several Korean netizens came forward to unite people in online communities for discussions about boycotting the Seoul performance by the six-member group. The netizens were not furious about the new poster design. They were angry with the band because it was not the first time the group using this controversial design for their projects.

The boy band used the same design in their music video, One More Night, which was released in 2012. The group's keyboardist Jesse Carmichael also got involved in a heated argument with the Korean netizens after defending the flag design.

The controversial poster of Maroon5's ongoing world tour. M5

Fans' Reactions

Why is Maroon 5 even coming to Korea? So they can cancel the show on the same day again?

It has been years since they last got heat for using the rising sun flag. When will they learn?

I remember the [Lennon thing]. I saw it happen in real-time. They wouldn't listen.

So... Is it going to be all right if I show up to that concert wearing a Hakenkreuz?

Do they think they're stopping in Korea? After this?

Let's not go watch them. Boycott!

They're still doing this? LOL. NOT GOING.

Geez... I'll have to stop listening to their songs.

Maroon 5 is yet to respond to the controversies related to their new poster of the ongoing world tour, which began in August 2021. The concert series will come to an end in Thailand on December 10. The group would perform at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea, on November 30.