Amazon is redefining the retail game; plans to open more cashierless stores by early 2020

The e-commerce giant also has plans of licensing its Amazon Go technology to other retailers including its biggest rivals.

The Amazon onslaught continues on brick-and-mortar retailers, as the e-commerce giant gears up to launch more Amazon Go stores across the United States early next year. This also includes a possible licensing facility of its technology to other retailers.

Amazon is planning to launch these cashirless stores as early as in the first quarter of 2020. Amazon Go so far has been a major success and game changer for the e-retailer. The company now plans to expand it Amazon Go technology and gives more Americans the experience of cashierless shopping.

Part of long-awaited plan

Amazon's move is in a bid to open large-scale Amazon Go cashierless stores and change the entire retail landscape. Amazon Go was initially launched with the aim of introducing the cashierless technology to open large supermarkets.

Amazon Go
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However, the company later decided to go slow and start with smaller cashierless store at a few selected locations. Amazon Go stores are mostly smaller spaces occupying only 2,000 square feet and mainly stocks grocery and daily consumable or rather highly perishable products. The e-commerce giant now wants to revive its earlier plan and give the Amazon Go experience to more Americans.

Banking on the Amazon Go technology

A number of Amazon's rivals have been aggressively investing in the cashierless technology lately in a bid to catch up in the race. However, not much success has been tasted by the other retailers.

On the other hand, those who been to Amazon Go stores have said that shopping there is a different kind of experience altogether. Understandably, Amazon has scored high both on the Go technology quotient as well as introducing the cashierless shopping concept.

The company now plans to license the Go technology to other retailers including some of its biggest rivals. However, it also wants to increase its self-owned Amazon go stores. According to GeekWire, the company is presently testing a 10,400 square-foot space in Seattle.

Redefining the retail landscape

Amazon Facility Center
Goods being packaged ahead of delivery at an Amazon Facility Center

Amazon is doing just the opposite of what its rivals are doing. And it has so far been successful. After revolutionizing the online retail game, which has compelled many of physical store brands including retail giants like Walmart, Kroger and Target to increasingly shift focus on e-commerce, Amazon has gone back redefining the brick-and-mortar space.

The company opened its first Amazon Go store in 2016 and the next year bought grocery giant Whole Foods. And now it is planning to launch a completely new grocery chain separate from Whole Foods.

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