Amazon Prime Video releases 6 new spooky episodes of Costume Quest ahead of Holloween 2019

Exciting holiday-themed episodes of the spooky children's show Costume Quest was recently released

Costume Quest season 1
Costume Quest season 1

Known to be one of the best kids' shows on Amazon Prime Video, six new episodes of Costume Quest were recently released on the streaming site.

Based on a role-playing game by Double Fine Productions, the story follows fraternal twins Wren and Reynold and their friends, Lucy, Everett who go on adventures and fight ghouls or monsters. They use Halloween costumes from a local shop and protect their sleepy town from the monsters.

Initially released on Prime Videos in March, the six new episodes are an addition to season 1 and were released just ahead of the Halloween 2019 season. While it was earlier reported that all new episodes will be Halloween-related, only one of the episodes of the show is themed on the spooky festival. However, the Halloween-theme episode will be perfect to watch on October 31.

Another exciting holiday-based episode to keep an eye for is the special episode on November 22. The episode titled 'Heroes on Holiday' follows the leading characters Wren and her friends who will have to save the city from monsters on Christmas. Alongside that, they will also enjoy the Auburn Hollow holiday traditions. This fun-loving adventure episode will have a balance of both adventure and horror.

While the show is suitable for all ages as each episode follows some comical element, it is perfect for children aged 6-11 years. The show also aims to provide much relief to parents of pre-school and elementary kids who could attend to their house and other related work as their children stream the show online.

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