Amazon Fires Driver after Video Shows Scantily Clad Woman Emerging from Backdoor of His Delivery Van

The 11-second footage was shot in June but was uploaded only earlier this week, following which the driver was fired.

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An Amazon delivery driver in Tampa, Florida has been fired after a scantily clad woman was caught getting down from the backdoor of his delivery van, sparking speculation as to what was happening inside the van. The incident reportedly happened sometime in June but the video surfaced on this week and made its way to social media.

The scandalous video has since gone viral and has amassed over 11.3 million view son TikTok. Amazon fired the driver on grounds of damaging the image of the company. A company representative said that his actions do not "reflect the high standards we have for our Delivery Service Partners and their drivers."

Special Delivery

The video shot in June, which made its way to social media this week, shows an Amazon courier opening the backdoor of his van, with an unidentified woman in a little black dress jumping out of the backdoor of the van. The woman has a phone tucked into the neckline and appears to be barefoot.

As she jumps out, the delivery man dressed in his blue vest holds the door open for her. The 11-second footage, uploaded on October 24 by a TikTok content creator @patrickhook01, concludes with the gal pulling a phone out of her skimpy garment as she walks down the street.

Interestingly, the driver so long continued to work for Amazon, till the company decided to fire him after the video clip went viral. "This does not reflect the high standards we have for our Delivery Service Partners and their drivers," a rep for the company told TMZ.

Amazon woman
The skimpily clad woman seen coming out of the Amazon delivery van Twitter

"Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers."

Social Media Excited

Although it is not known what the woman was actually doing inside the delivery van, many on social media have been speculating that the driver and woman may have been making out inside the van. It is also not known if the woman is related to the driver.

That said, social media users are thoroughly enjoying the video, poking fun at Amazon's 'Prime' service and the current state of slow delivery times as the holidays approach. "He was just giving her prime delivery!" one user wrote.

Amazon delivery woman
The woman walking away barefoot after getting down Twitter

Another poked fun at the slow delivery services lately, writing: "So this is why my packages always end up being late."

"He was just showing her his package," wrote another user. Another joked, "She's got that Prime Plus membership."

One speculated that the delivery driver might have even impregnated his passenger, writing "package will be delivered in 9 months, thank you."

It's unclear whether the pair had indeed used the delivery vehicle as a place to make out or the driver was just giving the unidentified woman a lift, although Amazon was certainly not pleased with the incident either way.

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