Amazon announces free Alexa voice calls and messages for Echo

Users have to do is say "Alex answer" when the ring on the top of the device turns green signaling an incoming call or message.


It appears that the e-commerce giant Amazon is packing more in its Echo devices to make it a consumer favorite.

Previously Echo allowed its users to search the Internet, play music and order products. And now, the consumers will be able to receive and make calls and messages by Echo to another Alexa-powered device.

A user has to say "Alex answer" when the ring on the top of the device turns green, signaling an incoming call. This roll out also gives users an option to dictate a message to Alexa and send it, and similar to the calling update, a green light will herald an incoming message.

The firm had recently launched the Echo show, which sports a voice-controlled speaker bundled with a 7-inch touchscreen display, capable of making video calls and play suitable video content. This marks the fourth installment of the e-commerce giant in the Echo series, which made its debut in 2014 and is the first touch-screen enabled Echo product.

The firm says that their latest offing offers eight microphones that are enabled with noise cancellation features and are deft enough to hear the user's commands, even if there is a moderate commotion in the vicinity.

This Alexa built-in product will grow akin to your preferences, speech, and moods over time, to give you a more tailor-made experience and also packs Dolby-powered speakers which are going to appease audiophiles with its immersive audio capabilities.

According to reports, Amazon has been able to sell around 8 million Echo devices since its debut till January this year, but is currently facing stiff competition from Google Home smart speakers and is, therefore, upping its game and also introducing new changes and products to stay ahead of the curve.

This article was first published on May 10, 2017