Aliens visiting earth for nuclear disarmament, claims Paradigm Research Group founder

Bassett claimed that aliens are switching on and off nuclear weapons on earth to show how useless they are against extraterrestrial technology

Reptilian aliens
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Conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial mongers have long been claiming that aliens from the deep nooks of the universe have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. These conspiracy theorists argue that ancient cave paintings that depict humanoid alien figures and spaceships are a clear indication of extraterrestrials visiting the earth.

Adding up the heat to these claims, Stephen Basset who is the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) has suggested that aliens are apparently turning nuclear weapons on the earth on and off continuously to show humans how useless are they against advanced extraterrestrial technology.

It should be noted that the Paradigm Research Group has been spending years urging the US government to disclose details about alien life and extraterrestrial existence. Bassett believes that unidentified aerial phenomena are real, and he does not propagate the word UFO, a stand that falls in line with the US Navy's official definition.

Bassett, in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, revealed that several people have witnessed alleged alien space ships controlling nuclear weapons here on the earth with ease. However, Bassett made it clear that these moves from aliens aim to propagate the idea of nuclear disarmament.

"They turned off our nuclear weapons repeatedly, does that mean they are bad. The witnesses to the events and there are many, generally, believe that it is not an ominous thing but rather it was a message. It wasn't a threat but a message that these things are useless. As if they're saying 'they certainly are useless against us, all you are going to do is kill yourselves and we can't turn them off at will, why don't you just get rid of them?' That's how the witnesses, by and large, the majority, have interpreted this," said Bassett.

This is not the first time that Bassett is making seemingly outlandish claims on the existence of aliens. A few days back, Bassett had claimed that NASA is the victim of government laws, and this factor is compelling the United States space agency to hide the real facts regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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