We're unintelligent and Earth is not so special for aliens to visit, says Harvard physicist

Top Harvard physicist Avi Loeb had previously claimed that interstellar visitor Oumuamua could be most probably an alien probe from an advanced civilization

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As humans are busy searching for alien life, a top Harvard physicist has claimed that earth is not special for extraterrestrials to pay a visit. Avi Loeb, the chairman of the Astronomy department at Harvard University revealed that humans are not that intelligent to attract advanced aliens who might be living in a distant world in the deep nooks of the universe.

Loeb made these remarks while talking to the Daily Beast. The physicist made these comments when Daily Beast asked him about US Navy admission regarding the existence of an 'unidentified aerial phenomenon.' "I would think we are not particularly interesting for any other civilization to visit. The reason is that we're not that intelligent. Open the newspaper every day and you realize how unintelligent we are," said Loeb.

Loeb also added that humans should look for techno-signature in the space that may help us to find the existence of aliens. "It's much more likely for us to find traces of other civilizations at a distance, remotely. We would see signatures of them in space, either because they send a signal that we detect or we see evidence of technological equipment that passes us by or we see the surface of a planet being modified in a way that implies an intelligent, technological civilization," added Loeb.

However, the new comments from Loeb seem a bit contradictory to the previous theories put forward by him. A couple of years back, after the discovery of 'Oumuamua', the first interstellar visitor, Loeb claimed that this weird space body could be actually an alien sail from deep space.

The comments made by Loeb about Oumuamua became controversial in the scientific sector, and many experts claim that the weird trajectory and change in velocity of the object could be due to a natural phenomenon called outgassing.

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