Aliens created moon and live inside it, claims UFO researcher Scott C Waring

Scott Waring claims that the moon is much older than Earth and it was intentionally created by intelligent life forms from outer space.


Scott C Waring, renowned conspiracy theorist and UFO researcher, has sensationally claimed that aliens have created the moon, and they live inside the natural satellite. According to Scott Waring, the moon is much older than Earth and it was intentionally created by intelligent life forms from outer space millions of years ago.

Conspiracy theorists believe that moon is hollow from inside, and aliens are living underground to keep a constant eye on our activities. These theorists also claim that a study conducted by NASA in 1962 found that the inner part of the moon is less dense when compared to the outer surface.

According to Scott C Waring, the moon is basically not a natural satellite, but it is a typical artificially made one by aliens who came from outer space.

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists are making sensational claims regarding alien existence on the moon. Earlier, UFO buffs revealed that humans have not returned to the moon because aliens have warned us never to go there. On November 14, 2016, during the Supermoon, alien hunters spotted bizarre UFO flying in front of the Supermoon.

UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring's website, states that NASA and the Federal Government is well aware of the existence of aliens, but they are intentionally hiding it fearing public chaos. The website has also claimed that aliens are living on Mars, and they have also spotted the statue of Gautama Buddha on the Martian surface.

On the other hand, NASA which has recently announced the new rover mission to Mars, has not commented on these claims made by Scott Waring. The world's leading agency has revealed that the rover mission will help them to find any traces of alien lives on the Martian surface. Even though the space agency has admitted the possibility of alien life on the outer space, they have always stood away from commenting on the bizarre findings and claims made by conspiracy theorists.