Patient 17: Surgeon who removed alien chips from abductees died in OT but chips real, claims Corbell

Film-maker Jeremy Corbell has reportedly captured the surgical procedure on Patient Seventeen who claimed that he had several extra-terrestrial encounters during his childhood.


A new documentary directed by US filmmaker Jeremy Corbell is now the hottest talking topic among UFO buffs. The documentary titled 'Patient Seventeen' features the real-life experience of Roger Leir, a foot surgeon and ufologist, who claimed to have removed implanted nanotechnology chips from the bodies of alien abductees.

The surgeon strongly believed that alien life is a reality and assured that the devices embedded in his patient's body were created by extra-terrestrial beings.

Dr Roger Leir: Unveiling the unknown

Dr Roger Leir spent most of his life to uncover the truth surrounding UFOs and alien existence. After discovering the embedded chips from the bodies of alien abductees, Lier studied more on these gadgets and found that these devices emit scalar waves. Interestingly, scalar waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that has never been proven to exist.

Conspiracy theorists claim that these waves can't be detected by human instruments, and aliens are making use of this technology to hide their presence.

It was renowned scientist Nikolas Tesla who last entertained the existence of scalar waves, which are capable of passing through any metal or even the earth from one side to another with no loss of field strength as he showed in one of his experiments over a 100 years ago. In the 1920's Einstein referenced to these scalar energies but no substantial progress has been made in understanding these waves.

Patient 17

Jeremy Corbell has filmed the surgical procedure on Patient 17 who had allegedly claimed that he had a number of extra-terrestrial encounters during his childhood. On proper analysis, Leir found a mysterious metal object embedded in Patent Seventeen's shin.

"I told Dr Leir that I would film his surgery, but if he was lying, bending the truth or trying to deceive the public in any way by altering his results, that I was going to out him," Corbell told VICE.

Leir revealed Corbell that he has more than two decades of experience in this, and made it clear that he has surgically operated 16 people already. Unfortunately, during the filming of the documentary on Patient 17, Leir died, and it was his research associates who studied more on the metal object discovered from the patient's body.

The metal was later tested at a Lab in New Hampshire, and the report indicated that it contained some rare earth elements, including some which are toxic to human body. The research associates of Leir also found electromagnetic frequencies in the metal, and they believe that it is basically a tracking device implanted by aliens in the body of Patient 17.

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