Aliens could wipe out life from Earth just sending AI messages, without even visiting us, says study

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A joint study conducted by two researchers at the University of Hawaii and Sonneberg Observatory in Germany has revealed that aliens are capable of wiping out life from the earth even without visiting our planet.

According to the researchers who took part in the study, if humans get a message or mail from aliens, we should delete the communication without reading it as the mail may result in the destruction of the planet. The researchers reveal that reading or responding to the message could prove costly, as it may alert the extraterrestrials regarding our whereabouts.

The Academic Paper which discusses a possible alien invasion is named 'Interstellar communication. IX. Message decontamination is impossible'. The research was carried out by Michael Hippke from Sonneberg Observatory, and John G. Learned from the University of Hawaii.

The researchers believe that aliens will not be sending huge flying saucers and battleships to the earth to destroy us, instead, they might be sending malicious messages to us capable of pulling us to a state of devastation.

According to the researchers, the messages from aliens will be impossible to decode, and as a result, there are no reasons to open the communication in any manner. The researchers also warn that these messages may also contain malware or viruses which could wipe out all the technologies which exist on our planet.

"A complex message from space may require the use of computers to display, analyze and understand. Such a message cannot be decontaminated with certainty, and technical risks remain which can pose an existential threat. Complex messages would need to be destroyed in the risk-averse case," wrote the researchers in the academic paper, Express UK reports.

As the academic paper has caught the attention of alien buffs, several conspiracy theorists have started claiming that aliens may hide a form of artificial intelligence (AI) in their messages, and if we open it, it could escape and spread chaos in our planet. These theorists believe that the AI may end up as a God on Earth.

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