Who's behind massacre of birds in high skies? Utah incident sparks row [VIDEO]

Brown Pelican
Representational image Reuters

Residents in Draper, Utah were pulled to a state of shock as hundreds of dead birds started falling from the sky. Out of more than 200 birds which fell down, 17 were alive, and are now in a rehabilitation center.

As the videos and pictures of the incident went viral on the Internet, conspiracy theorists started claiming that aliens should be blamed for this bizarre attack on birds. These theorists made it clear that the birds were neither poisoned nor hit by a lightning, but it might be the attack from an alien UFO which resulted in their death.

Even the authorities failed to explain the exact cause which resulted in this mass massacre of birds. "It's one of the rarest things I've ever heard of. No poison, it was just one of those freak things where the birds were just flying along, crashed into the side of a large vehicle and boom," said Sergeant Chad Carpenter who works with the Draper city police department, Fox13now reports.

'Secureteam10' channel soon uploaded a video of this bizarre incident. Within 24 hours, the video has been viewed for more than 550,000 times, and a majority of the people who watched it believe that something mysterious was possibly there behind the incident.

A group of people claimed that chemtrails should be blamed for this massive bird killing. According to them, these birds might have entered the line of fire of a chemtrail, and it might have resulted in their death. However, UFO buffs believe that these birds might have hit a cloaked UFO that came from outer space.