Alien update: South Texas man films several UFOs hovering across the sky [VIDEO]

A screen grab from YouTube video

Gary Trevino, a man from South Texas recently shot a spectacular UFO video which has now gone viral on social media platforms. The video was captured on Wednesday, January 24, and it features several UFOs appearing in the sky and blinking mysteriously. According to reports, Gary was working in an oil field in Catarina when the bizarre incident occurred. Without wasting time, he captured the eerie incident on his camera.

After shooting the video of the UFO cluster on Wednesday night, Gary Trevino soon posted it on his Facebook page and asked everyone to explain the bizarre incident.

"Can someone explain what the hell did we just seen here at gates ranch in Catarina tx. To all the non-ufo believers," posted Gary Trevino.

The video soon went viral, and as of now, it has been watched more than 1,90,000 times on Facebook. After watching the video, several people put forward various theories explaining the sighting.

Many people claimed that the lights may have come out from US Air Force's secret planes, but the theory was debunked by alien buffs, as no airplane can move erratically in such a weird manner.

"I have seen this exact same orbs before. You're not the only one how exciting someone finally caught it on video," commented a Facebook user named Francisco Osornio.

Another user named Dusty Rees put forward a different theory stating that the weird object witnessed by Gary is nothing but a weather balloon. "What you have witnessed is a weather balloon blown of course by and high winds. The lights are simply reflections from solar flares and swamp gas blah blah blah and stuff...," commented Rees.

Even though many skeptics are not ready to believe these objects as UFOs, alien buffs are quite convinced that Gary has shot the visuals of alien spaceships which are from deep space.

Check out the video:

Gary Treviño/ Facebook
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