Alien hand? Mysteriously vanished stars could indicate the existence of extraterrestrials

The mysteriously vanishing stars have made many believe that there could be alien technology behind the phenomenon

Several top space scientists strongly believe that aliens might be living in the deep nooks of the universe, and a possible first contact could happen in the future. Now, adding up the heat to these beliefs, a new study report has suggested that the discovery of 100 star-like objects that unexpectedly vanished could be indicating the presence of alien existence.

Aliens behind these activities

These mysterious stars started off as a dim light in the skies. Later, they started to get brighter, and at times, they became thousands of times brighter when compared to the beginning. And suddenly, they started disappearing in less than an hour. Even though phenomena like this could be natural, scientists believe that alien hand behind it a remote possibility.

The new study published in the Astronomical Journal calls these stars 'red transients'. The research team led by Beatriz Villarroel at Stockholm University and the Institute of Astrophysics of Canarias in Spain has apparently discovered more than 100 such stars, and they are apparently baffled by the new finding.

When do stars usually disappear?

It should be noted that a star will become physically non-existent only when it falls into a black hole. However, with the discovery of these new vanishing stars, experts believe that there could be alien science or technology behind this weird phenomenon.

"The primary goal of the 'Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations' project is to search for vanishing and appearing sources using existing survey data to find examples of exceptional astrophysical transients. The implications of finding such objects extend from traditional astrophysics fields to the more exotic searches for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations," wrote the researchers in their study report.

Alien disclosure imminent?

It was around a few months back that Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist predicted the possible discovery of extraterrestrials in the near future. Green predicted that aliens, at least in its microbial form will be discovered within 2021. However, he made it clear that humans are not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding alien existence.

As the world is waiting for the first contact, SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes that humans are the only conscious beings in this universe. Musk also added that humans should try to emerge as a multi-planetary species using this consciousness.

Why havent we found alien life?
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