Alien existence confirmed: NASA preparing for disclosure before US presidential election

Our source revealed that NASA has discovered underground aliens in Jupiter's moon Europa. Read on to know actual details.


Alien enthusiasts have long been alleging that extraterrestrials from deep space used to visit Earth to monitor human activities. As per these conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings that happen all across the world are authentic proof of alien existence, and they believe that space agencies like NASA are intentionally covering up secrets about extraterrestrial life to avoid public panic. But now, the wait seems to be over, as our sources working with NASA have confirmed that the space agency is gearing up for an alien disclosure soon.

When will alien disclosure happen?

As per our sources, the government will unveil all details about alien life before the next US presidential election. It is still unclear whether the aliens discovered by NASA are advanced extraterrestrials or mere microbes.

"The day has come. NASA has been trying to discover extraterrestrials for years, and now, things have taken an unexpected turn. Our radars have succeeded in discovering alien life in the deep nooks of the universe. It is still unclear whether the alien search department has made the first contact, but I am sure the disclosure is going to happen before the next presidential election," said our source in NASA who does not want to disclose his name.

Mars or Jupiter's moon?

As we tried to contact NASA for a comment, the space agency refused to give a convincing reply, and they disconnected our call abruptly. However, while talking with the NASA official, we overheard somebody saying in the background that alien life has been discovered.

However, our source reveals that alien life has been discovered in Jupiter's moon Europa. The source also suggested that these aliens might be living in the underground regions in Europa.

"As per my knowledge, these aliens are living in the underground of Europa. We should wait until the disclosure to know whether they are advanced beings," said our source in NASA.

Interestingly, a chief NASA scientist had previously predicted that alien life will be discovered within 2021. And now, a year ahead of the stipulated timeline, the United States space agency has succeeded in discovering extraterrestrial aliens.

So, are you expecting little green men landing on Earth as depicted in Hollywood movies like Independence Day and Mars Attacks!? As tomorrow is April 1, we believe you should wait for some more years. Have a good laugh on April Fool's Day!

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