ET News: Who created universe? Man says 'aliens revealed the truth' after abducting him

The man claims that the aliens have told all the universe's secrets to him when he was their hostage.

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An anonymous person who claims that he was abducted by aliens posted on a popular conspiracy forum that the otherworldly beings told all the universe's secrets to him when he was their hostage.

On 14 January, The Star reported that the man wrote a detailed account of his experience when he was captured by the extraterrestrial beings. However, his claims remain unverified.

The aliens, the man jotted down, said to him that the universe was not created by the "Big Bang" but by a God-like being known as "The One" who is neither male nor female, neither alive nor dead. The writer also claimed that aliens can telepathically communicate with one another across the universe and they convey information by sending brainwaves through space.

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He said that he was being contacted by aliens since a very young age and the communication happened by telepathy. "For the last 17 years it's been an on and off again thing...I'd just gone 5 years without any contact or communication incidents, but in Aug 2016, things got very serious, very fast," he wrote, according to the news website.

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He further wrote that he went to bed on a normal Saturday and when he woke up on Sunday morning feeling very different. "I woke up and realised immediately what happened. I was freezing. And soaking wet. And I felt like I was in a dream. Have you ever been under anaesthetic? Same feeling when waking up," he added.