'UFO cover-up': Briton claims police hiding footage shot from military copter in South Wales [VIDEO]

The footage was taken by an infra-red camera on board a police helicopter.

UFO spotted by police helicopter camera in South Wales
The object appears to spin as the helicopter camera zooms in and out. YouTube grab

An alien hunter has lashed out at South Wales Police for allegedly hiding some vital information from him when he submitted a suspicious footage of what he believes to be a UFO. The footage was taken in September with an infra-red camera on board a police helicopter.

Gary Heseltine claimed he saw circular object hovering in mid-air and appears to spin at a high speed. The editor of UFO Truth magazine also said that he has been submitting numerous Freedom of Information requests to South Wales Police ever since he got hold of the footage. However, police have not been very open about the incident and Gary believes that they are hiding something from the public.

The editor, who believes that this South Wales incident is very similar to another case in Chile involving a Navy helicopter, demanded logs of the police helicopter, flight maps and audio from the cockpit.

"I've waited until now to see how much information I could obtain from the police via the FOI requests I've submitted. What I can say is that in my opinion the police have not been as open and transparent as they could have been," he said, according to Mirror Online.

"I believe this British case is a major UFO event and should be the subject of a scientific enquiry," he added.

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