Neil deGrasse Tyson says UFO does not mean aliens, but something else

A top conspiracy theorist had recently alleged that Donald Trump's rule is hindering alien disclosure

Reptilian aliens
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Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that advanced aliens are visiting earth from deep space, and in order to substantiate their views, they point out the examples of UFO sightings that have been happening all over the world for the past many decades. As the extraterrestrial dilemma continues, top American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has revealed that UFO does not mean aliens.

Are UFOs proof of alien existence?

According to Tyson, the appearance of the UFO does not mean that advanced aliens from deep space are visiting earth.

During a YouTube podcast, he said: "What does the letter 'U' in UFO stands for? It is nothing but 'unidentified'. It is that it is. It's just because you don't know what it is, does it that mean intelligent aliens visiting from outer space. Not only that, do you really need the Navy to shoot the video of the sky? A billion of thousands of videos are uploaded to the internet every day. We could do it. Yes, there might be some videos or lights we could not understand. Maybe they are aliens. But I need better evidence."

Tyson also asked conspiracy theorists and alien buffs to live stream extraterrestrial encounter if they find something connected to advanced beings that might have visited from deep space.

Donald Trump hindering alien disclosure?

A few days back, Stephen Bassett, a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher who set up the Paradigm Group, claimed that Donald Trump's presidential election win has hindered the process of alien disclosure.

According to Bassett, we could have been living in a post-disclosure world if Trump had not won the 2017 presidential elections. The conspiracy theorist added that alien disclosure will most likely happen in 2020, and he made it clear that the United States Navy's admission of unidentified aerial phenomena is a positive sign.

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