Alexandra Daddario Puts Her Arms Over Her Chest after See-Through Dress Reveals Her Nipples on Stage at Emmy Awards Ceremony [WATCH]

As the TV lights focused on her, it was clear that Daddario wasn't wearing a bra as her chest was visible under the live TV lights.

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Alexandra Daddario was seen putting her arms over her chest after her see-through dress revealed her nipples when she went on stage for the White Lotus win at the 2022 Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Monday. Daddario looked stunning in a light beige Dior dress but the audience could see that she wasn't wearing a bra that exposed her breasts.

Daddario seemed not to know that her dress was see-through and probably was told by someone backstage when she realized it and decided to place her hands on her chest to cover her nipples during the acceptance speech. On Tuesday she told Vanity Fair that she loved the sheer dress.

Exposing Her Breasts

Daddario came at the Los Angeles 2022 Emmy Awards event on Monday wearing a very revealing light beige Dior outfit. However, the actress didn't know that her dress revealed a bit too much. Things got clearer only when the 36-year-old actress went on stage for the White Lotus triumph in the Limited Series category.

As the TV lights focused on her, it was clear that Daddario wasn't wearing a bra as her chest was visible under the live TV lights. In fact, even her nipples were visible. However, Daddario by that time had realized that her dress was see-through and the audience was getting to see a bit too much of her.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario 's see-though dress revealed her chest Twitter

Finally, as she was wrapping up her acceptance speech, she crossed her arms over her breasts, raising the possibility that someone had asked her to conceal her assets.

Daddario probably had no idea initially that her dress was see-through. She displayed her body on the red carpet with no signs of hesitation, as well as at the event where she was frequently photographed.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario covered her chest with her arms after she realized that her breasts were visible under the TV lights Twitter

The siren was at the event as she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in an Anthology Series for her performance in HBO's critically praised dark comedy The White Lotus.

Hiding Her Assets

Although Daddario tried to hide her breast with her hands it was a bit too late. A video of her acceptance speech, which has now gone viral, shows her standing on stage with her breasts clearly visible. As she comes forward to deliver her acceptance speech, Daddario is seen lifting her hands and covering her chest to hide her nipples.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario probably didn't know that her dress was see-through when she came to the awards ceremony Twitter

It is not known when Daddario realized that her dress was see-through. She might have been informed by one of her costars that her dress appeared see-through, which is why she instantly crossed her arms over her chest.

The actress wore the dress without a bra, apparently. Her naked legs and her underwear were also accentuated by the thin skirt.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario at the Emmys red carpet Twitter

However, the next day she expressed her adoration for the sheer garment to Vanity Fair. "It's one of those things where you put it on and you just kind of know," Daddario said of the pearl-embellished Dior gown.

"I think my stylist [Emma Jade Morrison] actually was looking at a different dress and she was like, 'This is one of my favorite dresses of all time. It's amazing.'"

She also said, "I texted the photo to my mom and my best friend and they were both like, that's it. So, that was really wonderful too, to have your instinct say, this is the dress. And then you text it to the people that you trust and with the other one and everyone unanimously is like, that's the one. I feel really confident about it. I feel beautiful in it."

It is not known if her words were in damage control mode but she spoke highly about the Dior dress.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario Twitter

The actress was accompanied by her 53-year-old new husband Andrew Form, who is 17 years older than she is.

Daddario portrays Rachel Patton, a writer whose honeymoon in the upscale Hawaiian resort depicted in the title reveals flaws in her new marriage to Shane, her affluent and entitled husband (Jake Lacy).

Alexandra was up against Dopesick co-stars Kaitlyn Dever and Mare Winningham, as well as her co-stars Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Rothwell, and Sydney Sweeney. Coolidge won in the competitive category.