Alex Jones Stops 'Smugglers' From Kidnapping Migrant Children? Video Shows Him Jumping in Front of Car

A viral video showing Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, aborting an alleged kidnapping attempt of migrant children by jumping in front of the car, has generated a lot of buzz on the social media. While several users believed the video to the authentic, several others claimed it to be staged.

The video comes two days after US Supreme Court turned down his appeal for a hearing in the defamation lawsuit filed against Jones. The lawsuit was filed by some of the relatives of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in Newtown, Connecticut. Jones had claimed that the shooting was a hoax.

alex jones
Alex Jones seen stopping a vehicle in the viral video. Twitter

Migrant Kids Transported Illegally?

The video begins with Jones and his 'Infowars' crew reporting about the alleged 'human smuggling', as women and kids get down from a bus in the background.

According to Infowars, children were being taken "from the dirt floor child camp under the International Bridge in McAllen" to a processing camp in Donna, TX. The migrants were then moved to a COVID processing center in downtown McAllen, before being brought to Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

"When the crew was walking to the Christian Charity center near the bus station, they witnessed five children and an adult exiting the center and being loaded in a white hatch back car," Infowars reports. "Three of these children were loaded into the luggage compartment where no seat belts were present. This video picks up where the crew sprung into action."

Jones is seen standing in front of the car as he repeatedly informs the driver about various violations including making the kids sit inside the car without kids seat.

Following the arrival of the police, driver shows them his identification and released the children and a woman from the car. The group is then seen moving inside the building.

Social Media Divided Over the Authenticity of the Video

The video gained momentum after the clips were shared on microblogging site. "I definitely didn't have Alex Jones legitimately throwing himself in front of a van to rescue kids being smuggled on my 2021 bingo card. You may not like him, but it's an important video to see," tweeted Tim Young.

"Alex Jones just went down to the border and rescued some young migrant children from a lifetime of abuse and misery while liberals sit on their recliners and yell conspiracy theory," tweeted another.

There were several others who raised doubts over the claims being made by Jones in the video and it being staged.

"Ah yes, because everyone knows child smuggling involves people in broad daylight loading kids into a minivan in the middle of the city. Alex Jones walking up to random people in the street and screaming in their face that they're smugglers doesn't make it so," tweeted a user.

"I agree that the trending "Alex Jones Stops Smugglers From Illegally Transporting Children At The Border!" video is staged nonsense. Also, "Physically Stops Vehicle"? Come on. You're too goddamn fat & old to be doing this much cocaine. Take it down a notch, doofus," wrote another.