Alchemy of Souls Ending: Will Jang Wook and Jin Bu Yeon Get Happy Ending?

Alchemy Of Souls is coming to an end with episode 30, which is scheduled to air on tvN, Sunday, January 8, at 9.10 pm KST. The chapter will continue to focus on the onscreen romance between Jang Wook and Jin Bu Yeon. The couple shared a passionate kiss towards the end of episode 29, and the promo for the finale hinted at troubled moments for the two of them.

The producers have also teased the end of Jang Wook and Jin Bu Yeon in the last episode of this tvN romantic fantasy thriller. According to the producers, the cast and crew did their best to create an ending that will remain in the viewers' hearts for a long time. They also asked the viewers to watch the last episode on Sunday to find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple.

"Today's finale will mark the climax of the Wook-Yeon couple's romance. The entire cast and crew did their utmost to create an ending that can remain in viewers' hearts for a long time. Please stay tuned to find out what kind of ending awaits the enduring and fateful love of the Wook-Yeon couple," the producers teased.

Alchemy Of Souls part 2
Alchemy Of Souls part 2 poster Twitter/tvN

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 29 Recap

The penultimate episode took the viewers through a roller coaster event. It began by surprising the viewers with an unexpected plot twist. A secret team-up between Jang Wook and the Crown Prince helped Naksu to defeat Jin Mu and end sorcery for some time. When Jang Wook reached to help Jin Bu Yeon aka Naksu, the Crown Prince helped him. He also revealed the truth about their secret team-up and their plans to defeat Jin Mu and destroy his secret organization.

Everything was going according to the plan until the Queen stepped out to meet Jin Mu. She took her nephew to get her soul shifted to a body of a young and beautiful woman. But things did not go as planned because Jin Mu used them to execute his plan. The chapter ended by revealing the truth about Jin Mu's secret organization and the people involved in it.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 30 Spoilers

The last episode might feature a real war between Jin Mu and Jang Wook. It could be an action-packed episode in which many people may lose their lives. The promo has already made the viewers very emotional, and they are waiting to find out of their favorite onscreen couple will get their happy ending.

Watch the finale on tvN Sunday, January 8, at 8 pm KST. International fans can watch the chapter with subtitles on Netflix.