Alchemy Of Souls Finale [Episode 10] Spoilers: Casts Tease Possible Ending

Alchemy Of Souls is left with only two episodes, and the viewers are curious about what lies ahead for their favorite onscreen couple. Cast members Lee Jae Wook and Hwang Min Hyun have teased the possible ending.

Actor Jae Wook, who portrays Jang Wook in the mini-series, said the powerful mage does not give up. Even after risking his life several times, he continued to find his loved ones. The mage is destined to achieve his goals and get them done at all costs.

"I think Jang Wook is a character who doesn't give up. Even after experiencing the danger of losing his life numerous times, he still must achieve whatever it is that he wants to achieve," the actor said.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 10 Spoilers

Jin Bu Yeon took a daring task and got into trouble in episode 8. Toward the end, Jang Wook reached out to help her. It remains to be seen how the two managed to escape from the trap set by Jin Mu.

A thrilling teaser of the Alchemy Of Souls finale has kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. The promo shows Bu Yeon dancing during the rain ritual, which means she safely managed to be out of the prison.

Alchemy Of Souls part 2
Alchemy Of Souls part 2 poster Twitter/tvN

But she may get into trouble again as Jin Mu seems to be gearing up to celebrate his victory. The clip also shows the female lead telling her lover that everything should end to bring peace.

Naksu may take her last breath near the tall tree in Danhyanggok. Her demise could provoke Jang Wook. The video ends by teasing a war between Songrim and

"Lee Jae Wook is transforming into a vicious monster who will go after other monsters while bearing the pain of having lost everything. The distinction that Lee Jae Wook will draw with his acting skills will make the drama even more exciting," the production team shared.

Jang Wook and Seo Yul

The powerful mage will receive the support of his loved ones in his fight for justice. Seo Yul will help the onscreen couple in their relationship. Actor Minhyun said the mage believes the happiness of the people he cares about is like his own happiness. So, he will support Jang Wook and Bu Yeon till the end.

"Since I believe that the happiness of the person I like is my happiness, I would support her love with Jang Wook [Lee Jae Wook] and become a reliable supporter who protects her from the side," he said.

Alchemy of Souls Part 2 episode 10
Alchemy of Souls Part 2 episode 10 tvN

Crown Prince Go Won and Jang Wook

The viewers are curious to know if the Crown Prince will ever release the true intention of Jang Wook. According to the production team, they share an exciting, complicated, and subtle relationship. The viewers will know why destiny brought them together in the last episode.

"Please keep an eye on the exciting relationship between Crown Prince Go Won and Jang Wook. In Part 1, Crown Prince Go Won aims to be a generous and benevolent monarch, but after the incident that happened three years ago, he finds himself in an uncomfortable relationship with Jang Wook. As he cannot keep himself away from Jin Mu (Jo Jae Yoon), Go Won and Jang Wook will form a complicated and subtle relationship where Go Won finds Jang Wook, who was born with the Imperial Star, irritating while he cares about him at the same time," the production team commented.

Watch the Alchemy Of Souls finale (episode 10) on tvN Sunday, January 8, at 9.10 pm KST. People from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, and Malaysia, can enjoy episode 10 with subtitles on Netflix.