Aircel works with Avast to protect mobile customers in India

Aircel and Avast's partnership stresses the need to protect young users as they are more vulnerable malicious cyber attacks.

Security company Avast Mobile Security has announced its new partnership with one of India's mobile network operator, Aircel. The deal aims at protecting more than 85 million subscribers of Aircel mobile customers.

Avast last week revealed at the Mobile World Congress Americas that it will be working together with Aircel to safeguard its users from growing incidents borne out of mobile security threats. In a press statement, Avast says 75 per cent of India's mobile users depend on smartphones as their primary source of internet, putting a large chunk of the country's netizens at risk.

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Aircel chief marketing officer Anupam Vasudev underscores the strong reliance of Indian citizens on smartphones as they store valuable personal data in their tiny gadgets.

"Our partnership with Avast is the most recent example of our commitment to provide the highest standards of data security solutions to our valued customers and partner network," states Vasudev, adding "It has become even more essential to keep these phones protected from cyber attacks and running at optimal performance."

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Avast Mobile Security is one of the most trusted security providers around the world whose clients include all major mobile carriers in the US.

Avast senior vice president Gagan Singh stresses the need to protect young users as they are more vulnerable to visiting websites rippled with malicious software and adult content portals.

"Children have a natural curiosity, and are often even more advanced and tech-savvy than their parents, but that doesn't mean that kids are emotionally ready for the content they access and see," says Singh. "Parental guidance is very important."