Agency Clears BTS of Drug Rumors and Warns Against Fake News

There are rumors that some K-pop groups are involved in a drug investigation

Recent news in the Korean entertainment world has caused quite a stir. Some famous pop stars have been accused of using drugs, and there are rumors that some K-pop groups are involved in a drug investigation. People are sharing several ideas and theories about it online.


But, the company that represents BTS, Big Hit Music, has stepped in to say that BTS has nothing to do with any of these rumors and said they want to make it very clear that these rumors are not true. It further said that the agency will take strong action against anyone who spreads false stories about BTS, even though they haven't specifically named about the drug charges.

Big Hit Music wants to protect BTS from any harm caused by the news. BTS is a K-pop group with seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook among others. Right now, they're taking a break from performance as a group until 2025, and each member is focusing on his own project.

Shocking Drug Cases in South Korea

Recently, G-Dragon, a famous pop star, was reportedly arrested for a drug-related case by the police in Incheon. This news surprised many fans, especially after another famous person, Lee Sun Kyun from the movie "Parasite," was also accused of using drugs, though the police said that these two cases are not connected.

There are rumors about other celebrities being involved in drug charges, which led to people wondering if BTS might be involved too. Some time ago, there were rumors about other famous people, like Kim Chaewon, Jeon Soyeon, and Park Sun Joo, being connected to these cases. But their agencies, or the companies that represent them, said those rumors were not true.

There was even a rumor about a member of a popular girl group being investigated for using drugs, but the police said that was not true either.

Singer Nam Taehyun Talks About Drug Rehab

On the other hand, a singer named Nam Taehyun talked about the importance of programs that help people recover from drug addiction in South Korea. He mentioned that he used drugs because he was struggling with severe depression. He said that the government should support programs that provide 24-hour care for people who want to quit drugs.

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