Again My Life Premieres to High Ratings; Episode 1 Recap, Episode 2 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

Lee Joon Gi greeted the viewers of SBS as fierce prosecutor Kim ee-Won in the new SBS Fantasy revenge drama, Again My Life. On the other hand, Lee Geung Young introduced himself as a confident and corrupt politician named Jo Tae Seob The mini-series premiered on Friday at 10 pm KST. Episode 1 focussed on the rivalry between Hee Won and Tae Seob.

The next chapter will introduce two new characters to the viewers -- Kim Han Mi and Kim Gyu Ri. Actress Kim Jae Kyung will portray Han Mi onscreen, and Hong Bi Ra will appear as Gyu Ri in the mini-series. Han Mi and Gyu Ri might team up with Hee-Won in his mission to bring down Tae Seob.

Again My Life Premiere

The new SBS fantasy revenge drama, starring Lee Joon Gi in the lead role, premiered with a nationwide television rating of 5.8 percent on Friday, according to Nielsen Korea. It became the most-watched drama of the night. The mini-series also ranked high among the viewers between the age of 20 to 40.

Again My Life began by introducing Joon Gi as fierce prosecutor Hee Won, who does not tolerate injustice. At the beginning of the premiere episode, he confidently goes against the corrupt politician Tae Seob. But he loses the legal battle because of his reckless actions. Soon, he finds out that the system itself was corrupted, and if a person wants to make any changes, he should do it meticulously.

Again My Life
A poster of the new SBS drama Again My Life. Twitter

However, the prosecutor meets his end as he realizes his mistake. Surprisingly, he gets a second chance in life. He goes back in time as a high school graduate and tries to change his fate. The young Hee-Won works carefully and prepares himself to bring down the corrupt politician.s

Again My Life Episode 2

The drama will return with episode 2 on Saturday at 10 pm KST. K-drama fans from various parts of the world can tune in to SBS to watch the chapter or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel. International fans watch the episode with subtitles on Viki.

Hee-Won will meet Kim Han Mi and Kim Gyu Ri on Saturday. The three newly released stills show Hee-Won with the two new characters. The first photo shows Hee-Won anxiously looking at somebody, and the second image features him carrying an unconscious Han Mi out of the club. The third photo focuses on a serious conversation between Hee Won and Gyu Ri in a hospital room.

Kim Hee Woo will set out to make allies as his first step to punish the purely evil Jo Tae Sub. In particular, please check the second episode that airs on April 9 to see if Kim Hee Woo can change Kim Han Mi's and Kim Gyu Ri's fates by blocking the approaching incidents, the production team shared.

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