After School, Orange Caramel's Lizzy [Park So Ah] In Custody for Drunk Driving, Causing Accident

Singer, Actress Park Soo Ah's alcohol level was found to be enough to warrant cancellation of driver's license, say cops.

Actress Park Soo Ah, previously popular as After School and Orange Caramel's Lizzy, has been taken into custody for drunken driving and causing an accident. Reporting the incident, DongA Ilbo stated that the singer–actress was involved in an accident at 10.12 PM KST on May 18, 2021, near the Cheongdamdong Youngdong Bridge, Seoul in South Korea.

Report claimed that Park Soo Ah was driving under the influence [DUI] of alcohol and had crashed into a taxi. Police rushed to the spot and got Park Soo Ah to undergo some tests. The results showed that the alcohol level in the actress' body was enough to warrant cancellation of driver's license.

Park Soo Ah Lizzy
After School's Lizzy popular as Park Soo Ah was caught in DUI case. Instagram

No Injuries Reported

However, no one was injured in the accident. Both the cars – Park Soo Ah's and the taxi -- did not have any passengers when accident occurred. Cops have said that the actress was regretful of her actions and cooperated in the investigation procedures. Park Soo Ah's agency Celltrion Entertainment is yet to release a statement in this regard.

Accident caused by DUI is considered a serious offense in South Korea. In the country, driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 percent or higher constitutes as drunk driving. Criminal punishment for drunk driving is imprisonment up to three years. The offender's driving license can be revoked or suspended. In case of death caused by DUI accidents, the offender can face jail term between three years and life imprisonment. DUI-caused injuries can result in one to 15 years of imprisonment to offenders.

Lizzy to Park Soo Ah

As a member of After School girl band and its sub-unit Orange Caramel, Park Soo Ah was popularly known as Lizzy. She debuted with After School in March 2010. She has also debuted as solo singer with her song Not An Easy Girl in 2015.

Lizzy's graduated from After School in 2018. She attended Kyung Hee University and has majored in postmodern music. After her contract expired, she joined Celltrion Entertainment on May 10 in 2018. The first announcement she made after joining her new agency was that she had changed her promotion name to Park Soo Ah.

The singer has been concentrating on her acting career. In September 2018, she joined the main cast of SBS drama Fates & Furies also starring Lee Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook, So Yi Hyun and Lee Ki Woo. She has also played a cameo role in the drama Devilish Charm. In 2019, she joined the drama Kim Is A Genius. She has also taken part in tvN's comedy drama, Ugly Miss Young Ae 17.