After Breaking Up with Honey Lee, Yoon Kye Sang Falls In Love Again; Dating a Non-Celebrity

Yoon Kye Sang has fallen in love again. The actor-singer, who was in a relationship with Lee Ha-nui aka Honey Lee, is now in a relationship with a non-celebrity person. The news has been formally announced by his agency Just Entertainment.

Yoon Kye Sang
Yoon Kye Sang. Instagram

Introduced by Acquaintance
As per the press release by Just Entertainment, they were introduced by an acquaintance and they have positive feelings for each other. "Late last year, they met after being introduced by an acquaintance, and they've been seeing each other with positive feelings. As the woman he's dating is not a celebrity, we ask for everyone's consideration, so there's no harm caused due to disclosure of her personal information or excessive attention.

Yoon Kye Sang is currently focusing on filming for the drama 'Crime Puzzle', and he'll continue to actively work as an actor. Please continue to show lots of love," Allkpop quotes Just Entertainment as saying in a press release.

Love and Break-Up with Honey Lee
After seven years of dating, Yoon Kye Sang broke up with Honey Lee. They were considered one of the cutest couples in the K-pop industry. "The two have recently decided to end their relationship and remain colleagues. We would like to ask for your support for both of them in the future," a statement from Saram Entertainment, which was representing both the actors at that point of time, confirmed the split.

Later, Yoon Kye Sang ended his contract with the agency. "We have decided to end our contract with Yoon Kye-sang. We reached this decision after a lengthy discussion, with both sides coming to a settlement. Yoon Kye-sang plans on taking time to rest for the time being. We would like to thank him for being a part of our agency for such a long time," Saram Entertainment said in a post.