Adult toy company offers free vibrators to those in quarantine due to Coronavirus lockdown

An online sex toy retailer is giving away thousands of vibrators to help people deal with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak

As the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, and countries imposing lockdowns, people are forced to isolate themselves and stay indoors in order to avoid getting infected and curb the spread of COVID-19.

Not sure if it's a marketing gimmick but one adult toys company is offering its products for free to help people deal with the pandemic.

Company offers free vibrators amid the outbreak

What better way to kill time while you're cooped up in your apartment than some self-love. It's also a great way to relieve yourself of pent up stress and anxiety caused by the ongoing coronavirus situation. Also, with restaurants, bars and movie theatres shut down and people forced to work from the confines of their homes there's not much one can do.

Therefore, in an attempt to help their customers sit back and relax, one online sex toy company is offering the ultimate quarantine freebie. BBoutique, the online retailer that sells adult toys from several well-known brands like Bellesa, Womanizer and more, announced on social media that it's giving away thousands of free vibrators during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Sex dolls are piled up at a factory in China, he leading manufacturer of sex toys (Representational Image) Reuters

So, how to get your free toy? If you live in North America, simply head over to the BBoutique site and enter for your chance to be one of the thousands of winners.

The giveaway includes toys from both Bellesa and Womanizer that are typically in the $60 to $200 price range. Moreover, the website is also offering a 20 percent discount off all orders and free priority shipping when you use the code "QUARANTINE."

"[W]e want y'all home, safe & happy," reads the caption of the announcement posted by Bellesa's official Instagram account, advising "social distancing, but make it orgasm-filled."

PornHub offers free Premium subscription in Italy

This comes days after PornHub announced that it would offer Italian users, who are forced to stay under quarantine as the country is in lockdown, Premium subscriptions, completely free of charge, as previously reported.

The website announced that users from Italy will be able to watch PornHub Premium content without entering their credit card details up until April 3. The subscription will give Italians access to PornHub's exclusive full-length content, and enjoy other premium benefits like no ads, better video quality and faster streaming speeds.

Sex toys sales on the rise

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, countries are imposing lockdowns, causing people to isolate themselves and stay indoors in order to avoid getting infected. This has led to an increase in orders for her sex dolls, reveals Jade.

"People who buy these products are often people who can't - or don't want to -go out a lot," she said. "That's especially so with coronavirus....we are having an awful lot of phone calls."

The pandemic has also led to a worldwide increase in sales of sex toys, as previously reported. Adult toy manufacturer Womanizer, says it experienced "well above average" sales between January 1 and March 6, mostly in areas that have been largely affected by the coronavirus.

"Many people and businesses are affected negatively by the virus and we saw it as a challenge for us as well," the company's spokeswoman Johanna Rief said in a statement to CNN. "The numbers are therefore surprising. With the prospect of long periods at home either alone or with your partner, people are exploring new ways to make the best of the time available."

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