Adele Roberts evicted; is she a victim of voting glitch on I'm A Celebrity?

Roberts was evicted after 13 days, votes cast through the app were not counted by the makers of the show

Amidst a controversial voting glitch, Adele Roberts, the 40-year-old DJ, became the first contestant to be evicted from I'm A Celebrity, a reality show being shot in Australia. Roberts was evicted after her 13-day stint in the show. A member of the LGBTQ community, Roberts was pitted against Nadine Coyle, a former Girls Aloud member, in the final eviction.

The show made Roberts realise her strengths

Adele Roberts
Adele Roberts became the first contestant to be evicted from I'm A Celebrity Twitter/Adele Roberts

On being the first contestant to be evicted from the show, Roberts said that she felt like atleast she was first at something. Kate Holderness, the radio presenter's girlfriend was present at the end of the jungle bridge to receive Roberts. The couple sealed their reunion with a passionate kiss.

Sharing her experience with the hosts of the show, Ant and Dec, soon after her eviction, Roberts said that she was amazed that she lasted this long in the show.

"I am glad that I lasted without saying 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here', I felt like I was going to say it many times,' said Roberts adding that she went in the jungle to challenge herself and not be scared of things. "I thought: 'Give it a go and see what happens,"

"Without a doubt, I'm stronger than I realised and there are so many things I can do it's just the way that you view things. I won't be scared of a spider in the bath now," grinned the celebrity.

Glitch in voting system creates controversy

Prior to announcing the eviction on the show, host Ant McPartlin announced that due to an error on the app, only those votes cast by the viewers through their phones, and not the app, would be counted to decide on the eviction. This caused a lot of ire on social media with fans terming the show as rigged.

"So what was the wording error? 'If you don't vote out Adele or Nadine, no votes will count' probably the 2 most genuine people in there and quite popular by the looks of it. Should to been voided and a double elimination another day instead! #fix #imaceleb.' tweeted a fan.

'What a fixed vote, Cliff obviously should have been out first, done nothing! 'a wording error in the app', what s****. I love this programme but all very iffy when it comes to voting people out," expressed another fan on social media.

"It said because of a wording error. Ant and Dec said that you were voting who you save. I can only imagine that the app stated that the vote would be for someone to leave rather than stay," wrote another.

"Come on, people clearly not happy. You can't just say app votes won't count due to a wording error," another added.