K-pop band MOMOLAND reorganized as a six-member group, Taeha and Yeonwoo leave group

Disney's new role yet to be decided by MDF Entertainment, as Taeha and Yeonwoo leave to pursue careers in acting

Taeha and Yeonwoo, the singers of the famous all-girls band MOMOLAND, have quit the band to pursue a new career in the field of acting. The confirmation of their departure was given by MLD entertainment today. Speculations are also rife that the nine-member group might be eventually reduced to six, another singer Disney might leave.

The K-Pop group was formed in 2016 with Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin and Nancy as its members. A year later, Daisy and Taeha joined the band. In a statement released by MLD Entertainment, it was mentioned that MOMOLAND has been 'reorganised as a six-member team'.

Taeha terminates contract with MDF, Yeonwoo moves to pursue acting under MDF Entertainment

Momoland might be reduced to a six-member band Twitter/MOMOLAND official

Speaking about the departure, the company said the decision was taken by the singers after giving deep thought and having detailed discussion with the company. "First of all, following careful consideration and respecting her own opinion as a top priority, Taeha is going to make a new start at a new place with her exclusive contract terminated. Thus, the company will fully support and encourage her new start as much as possible," said the statement.

The statement further stated that Yeonwoo decided to continue her career as an actor. As the singer thought that it will be too much strain for her so she left the band.

Talks with Disney, about her role in the band, still underway

Without making its stand clear about the band's continuation with Daisy, the statement merely mentioned that discussions were still on with the singer.

"This decision was carefully made after much conversation and discussion between the performers and the company, so we would like to request you to restrain from making unnecessary speculations and causing misunderstandings," said the release.

MOMOLAND fans disappointed

The departure of the girls from the band, left a lot of fans disappointed. "Remember when Taeha literally counted if there is 9 people on the screen while doing vlive and they realized that one is missing? Now, everytime we're gonna count them.. they will never be 9. Momoland will never be a 9-member group again and that hurts," wrote a fan on twitter.

"ok still haven't processed that taeha and yeonwoo are no longer going to be in momoland," expressed another fan of the band. "This is a very sad night for merries," wrote another fan expressing his sadness.

"This is painful af. But I still want to say thank you Yeonwoo and Taeha for the time that you spent with Momoland and merries. I know that this is not easy for you two, too," tweeted another.