Actress Shin Min Ah Speaks About Her Relationship With Kim Woo Bin, Diva Premier

Shin Min Ah starrer movie Diva will premier on September 23; The actress spoke about her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Kim Woo Bin

Actress Shin Min Ah recently spoke about her longtime relationship with the Uncontrollably Fond actor Kim Woo Bin. She revealed what kind of relationship they share on an online interview where she also discussed about her new movie Diva and explained why it was special.

Min Ah will be seen in the mystery thriller movie Diva that is all set to release on September 23. Speaking about Kim Woo Bin she expressed that they both go along quite well because both are in the same industry. She stayed by the actor's side when he was facing troubles because of his health condition and supported him throughout.

Kim Woo-bin
Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-a. Woo Bin 김우빈

How Shin Min Ah – Kim Woo Bin Support Each Other

"Since we have the same career and we support each other, we say, 'Hwaiting!' to each other. I also hope Kim Woo Bin does well since he's making his return. We're cheering each other on," she said speaking about Woo Bin.

The couple made its relationship public in 2015. Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer when he had just completed shooting for his drama Uncontrollably Fond opposite Bae Suzy in 2017. The actor took a break of two years from the industry and got treatment. He completed his treatment and made an announcement about his recovery on December 29, 2019.

Min Ah was by his side all the time and supported him. She played a great role in the actor making his comeback. Currently, the actor is back and is busy with his next project, sci-fi movie Alien [Working Title]. He also joined Min Ah's agency, AM Entertainment in February 2020.

Why is Diva Special?

Currently, Min Ah is excited about the release of her movie Diva where she plays Lee Young, diva of the diving world. The story is about how the life of the diva completely overturns after a car accident. The diva struggles with memory loss and faces horror after disappearance of her best friend Soo Jin played by Lee Yoo Young.

Min Ah expressed happiness for choosing the project because this is a woman-centric movie. This is her first movie in six years and accepted the offer because of its strong story that revolves around two women. She also spoke about how difficult it was to get investors and revealed that she was worried about the chances of the movie's premiere.