Actress Eleanor Tomlinson admits she believes in aliens after working in sci-fi series

Eleanor Tomlinson admitted that aliens living in deep space will not be those green men as depicted in Hollywood movies

Eleanor Tomlinson
Eleanor Tomlinson Creative Commons / Wikipedia

English actress Eleanor Tomlinson known for her work in 'Poldark', a British historical period drama television series has admitted that she believes in aliens. The actress revealed that she started believing in extraterrestrial life in deep space after working on BBC One's adaptation of sci-fi novel War Of The Worlds.

While talking at the premiere of the three-part series, when asked whether she believes in extraterrestrial existence, the actress had no hesitation to say, "Yeah, I do... I think there are probably ­planets that have been as we are or have had the potential to be as we are and have had living organisms on them. For me, I think there are living organisms out there," said Tomlinson, Daily Star reports.

Reptilian aliens
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However, Tomlinson admitted that the alien beings that may be living in deep space will not be those classic green men with large eyes, as portrayed in Hollywood sci-fi films. 'The War of the Worlds' British TV series is directed by Craig Viveiros. Apart from Tomlinson, the series also stars Rafe Spall, Rupert Graves, Nicholas Le Prevost, Harry Melling, Jonathan Aris, and Robert Carlyle in other prominent roles. The series is expected to go on air on November 17, 2019.

A few weeks back, Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist had claimed that alien life will be discovered by NASA or ESA on Mars before 2021. However, Green also added that the world is now not ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrial existence.

"It will be revolutionary. It's like when Copernicus stated 'no we go around the Sun.' Completely revolutionary. It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don't think we're prepared for the results. We're not. I've been worried about that because I think we're close to finding it, and making some announcements" Green told the Telegraph.

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