6-Year-Old Boy Plummets 40 Feet from Amusement Park Zipline after Harness Breaks Midair as Onlookers Watch in Shock [VIDEO]

Family members, who identified the boy as Cesar, said that a tourist who happened to be nearby jumped into the water to help the boy.

A 6-year-old boy narrowly escaped death after he plummeted almost 40 feet after his zipline harness broke at a Mexican amusement park last week. A harrowing video of the incident captures the moment the harness breaks off with the ball falling onto the water located below, as onlookers watch in shock.

The terrifying incident that has left several people shocked happened at Parque Fundidora's Amazonian Expedition in Nuevo León on Sunday. The family members of the boy shared on Facebook that his harness broke suddenly, leading to his fall into an artificial pool located below the zip line attraction, Fox News reported.

Almost Killed

Zipline accident
The boy seen falling after the harness broke midair Twitter

A video obtained by the outlet shows the distressing incident in which the young boy, accompanied by an adult, is seen moving along the zip line when they abruptly come to a halt, resulting in the boy's fall.

Onlookers can be seen screaming in shock and horror as the boy was in mid-air before the video abruptly ends.

According to Mexican media, authorities reported that the boy fell from a height of nearly 40 feet. Luckily, he fell into an artificial pool below where the zip line, which saved him or he would have died.

Family members, who identified the boy as Cesar, said that a tourist who happened to be nearby jumped into the water to help the boy.

Narrowly Escaping Death

Zipline accident
The boy miraculously survived the fall as there was an artificial pool below the zipline Twitter

According to reports, an investigation has been launched and the zipline has been stopped from operation at the amusement park. In response to the incident, government agencies in Nuevo León suspended several other attractions at the park while authorities carry out an investigation.

It is still unclear what caused the malfunction resulting in the harness breaking midair.

According to the boy's brother J Cesar Sauceda, Cesar sustained minor physical injuries from the fall, but he is experiencing psychological distress and fear. It is not known if the boy will require psychotherapy.

Zipline accidents aren't uncommon. In 2021, a zipline employee died while saving a stranded woman in California. The employee was helping a woman get hooked onto the platform when she slid out on the line.

He couldn't grab her in time but held onto her harness, causing them both to slide out about 100 feet above the ground. Romero feared both of them would fall to their deaths because of the combined weight as the zipline can hold only up to 250 pounds. He then decided to let go of the harness to save the woman and fell from a height of 100 ft and died.