Teen Girl Chokes to Death on Own Vomit on 'Kamikaze' Ride at Amusement Park in Turkey

Zeynep Gunay, 19, was enjoying the ride when she fell unconscious and started vomiting but operators refused to stop it despite repeated requests by her family.

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A teenager girl died after choking on her own vomit on an amusement park ride called the Kamikaze in Turkey. Zeynep Gunay, 19, had gone to the amusement park with her family and was enjoying the ride when the freak accident happened after the operators reportedly refused to stop it.

Gunay reportedly fell unconscious on the ride itself and started vomiting before choking on it. Her family is not blaming the park authorities for negligence and is claiming that had they stopped the ride earlier, she could have survived.

Freak Accident

Zeynep Gunay
Zeynep Gunay Twitter

The incident happened on Monday afternoon between 2 pm and 3 pm, when Gunay had gone to Istanbul's Hayrola Luna Park to relax with her family as she awaited her exam results. The last CCTV footage shows the young girl waiting for the "Kamikaze" ride to start. Gunay can be seen wearing a gray hijab.

Once the ride started, Gunay reportedly started feeling dizzy and fell unconscious before starting vomiting. Her family members claim that they repeatedly requested the operators to stop the ride but they turned a deaf ear and continued with the Kamikaze.

When the ride finally came to a halt after completing the full round, Gunay was taken off unconscious. Her family alleged that instead of helping them, the operators suggested Gunay be "slapped two or three times" to help her regain consciousness.

The helpless family finally had to call and arrange an ambulance on their own to take Gunay to the hospital but she died on the way. It is understood that the teenager died because the vomit blocked her respiratory track.

Fight for Justice

Zeynep Gunay
The last CCTV photo of Zeynep Gunay before the ride began Twitter

Gunay's uncle, Fatih Günay, said that she died just because of the negligence of the ride operators and that the family would do "whatever it takes" to get justice. It is still unclear if the family has filed a formal complaint with the police and the authorities concerned and if an investigation into their claims has been launched.

Gunay was studying psychology at the time of her death and had just appeared for her final exams. She wanted to become a psychologist once day.

That said, this isn't the first time that someone has died on an amusement park ride in recent times. Last month, a 32-year-old man died after plunging almost 50 feet from a chair lift at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. However, in that case it was the man's fault as he was hanging from the ride.