365: A Year of Defying Fate episodes 17-20 recap; episodes 21 and 22 spoilers

Shin Ga Hyun and Ji Hyung Joo now know the real killer, but it wouldn't be easy for them to reveal the truth in episode 21 of 365: A Year of Defying fate.

365: A Year of Defying Fate is just three episodes away from its finale and detective Ji Hyung Joo is to be blamed for the death of seven people. No, he did not kill anyone... it was someone close to him. The series of events took ­place after he made the biggest mistake of his life without knowing it. Read on to know more about the killer and the fates of Ji Hyung Joo and Shin Ga Hyun.

After teasing Ji Hyung Joo as the killer in episode 16, the drama shifted its focus to Ko Jae Young in episode 17. The gamer was present at the crime scene when ex-convict Bae Jung tae was killed and he saw the killer. He also recorded the victim's last words, in which he can be heard saying the word "detective". The audio clip was then shared with the police force and the resettlers because the gamer thought Bae Jung Tae was killed by Ji Hyung Joo.

The mysterious murder case of Bae Jung Tae

Episode 18 continued to focus on the investigation of Bae Jung Tae's mysterious murder case and it was revealed that the detective had scheduled a meeting with the victim on the night of his murder. But the ex-convict was killed by the time he reached there and he saw Ko Jae Young at the crime scene.

So, the detectives questioned the gamer and unfortunately, it was of no help. He continued to blame Ji Hyung Joo for the death of Bae Jung Tae. The episode ended by featuring the abduction of Ko Jae Young and teasing detective Park Sun Ho as the real killer.

Who is the real killer?

365: A Year of Defying Fate
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Episode 19 picked up right from where it left off in episode 18 and it followed Ko Jae Young. It was revealed in this episode that detective Park Sun Ho was behind the death of all these resettlers. After killing the gamer, the detective set a trap for his close friend and colleague, Ji Hyung Joo, who became the prime suspect again.

The detective had to go into hiding to capture the real culprit and he almost caught him in front of Hwang No Seob's coffee shop. But the killer slipped out of his hands and he had to seek the help of Shin Ga Hyun to trace the killer. With her intelligence, the webtoon artist found out that detective Park Sun Ho is the person who killed all the resettlers.

Though she shared the information with Ji Hyung Joo, he did not believe her. The detective decided to find out the truth for himself and started cross checking all the information shared by his friend about the deaths of the resettlers. He found out that his colleague was lying to him all this time. Now, he will have to find a way out to save the lives of Shin Ga Hyun and Hwang No Seob.

What to expect in episodes 21 and 22 of 365: A Year of Defying Fate

The fate of detective Park Sun Ho remains a mystery until next week. Since MBC is yet to release a promo for the next episode, it is difficult to find out if Ji Hyung Joo will succeed in sending the culprit behind bars before the person hurts Shin Ga Hyun or Hwang No Seob. But the upcoming episodes can be expected to be filled with several action-packed scenes as well as surprising twists and turns.